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                        Connect with
                        Canadian Beauty


                        Contact CBC

                        VAUGHAN CAMPUS

                        Tel: (905) 760-0003

                        NEWMARKET CAMPUS

                        Tel: (905) 235-0828

                        TORONTO CAMPUS

                        Tel: (416) 901-9422

                        MISSISSAUGA CAMPUS

                        Tel: (905) 897-7171

                        AJAX CAMPUS

                        Tel: (905) 426-5550
                        Innovative Training
                        for Success

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                        Hairstyling Programs

                        We are proud to deliver a well rounded theoretical and practical program in the field of hairstyling.

                        Diploma/Vocational Programs

                        Certificate Programs

                        Esthetics Programs

                        Our Medical Aesthetics program equips students with the essential practical skills required for today’s spa and medispa environment!

                        Diploma/Vocational Programs

                        Certificate Programs

                        Makeup Programs

                        We offer a well rounded professional program that encompasses many techniques used in the makeup industry!

                        Diploma/Vocational Programs

                        Certificate Programs

                        Salon & Spa Services

                        Our intern salon and spa clinics offer a variety of services. Our well trained pre-graduate interns refine their skills by performing services on clients.

                        Medi-Spa Clinic

                        Hair Services

                        Campus Locations

                        Not all programs available at all locations
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